Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lesson Fifteen: Play a Little Lullaby Before Bedtime

A trio of music videos featuring tiny women in a prominent role.

Lesson Fourteen: Because You Read This Site for the Articles

Three set of cover cuties from Playboy's past.

Lesson Thrirteen: A Teeny Bikini Saves Money and Keeps Her Cool

Kylie Minogue miniaturized for her 2003 Calendar.

Lesson Twelve: It's Never Too Early for Classic Literature

A short vingette from Milo Manara's Gullivera's Travels.

Lesson Eleven: Expand Her Mind Though Foreign Language Lessons

As these ads show, they may be a good idea for you as well, should you ever decide to mail order new Shrunken Women.

Lesson Ten: Find Appropriate Role Models in the Media

From the a spinoff website of a tabloid article and mini belly dancers called Dwidgets.